ST Scale produces room stairs, spiral staircases, glass stairs, wood stairs, metal stairs and mezzanine.

Spiral staircases


The perfect solution for who needs to save up space and need the right compromise between beauty and comfort. Our stairs are made using a lot of materials like wood, steel and more, respecting elegance and functionality.


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Open Staircases


Modern or classic, this type of stairs can be realized combining an high number of elements and factors. Discover our models and read our catalog. Tailor-made solution with a lot of customizable inserts, colors and details.


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Do you want improve aesthetic impact and make your space bigger? Mezzanine it’s the simplest solution! Our mezzanine are completely customizable and combinable with our stairs and railings

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CE Marked Stairs


Freeform, Freeform Iron, Proxima, Diesis Wood are CE Marked certified models. We are always by your side, even if there is no regulatory requirement at the moment to obtain the CE marking for stairs and our kind of product. Our choice was made on a voluntary basis for your safety and quality.


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We look for quality, that’s why we have success.


Quality and tradition, this are the values of St Scale.


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